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About Us

About us :

Al-Abras Plastic Factory was established in 2002 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah, and specializes in industry and trade of tools and plastic household utensils with an operating capacity of 2,800 tons annually of plastic products, and the factory focuses on providing its products with high quality and modern designs that suit the requirements and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision :

To become one of the leading and best factories in the manufacture of plastic products and household appliances and to provide the best products at competitive prices in an effort to satisfy our customers.

Our Mission :

Providing high quality products and providing the best services to our customers through our constant pursuit of development and keeping pace with scientific and technological progress, and achieving the desires of our customers and fulfilling their needs by offering the best plastic household items and many other products.

Our Motto :

High quality and lower price

Our Values :

Credibility Customers Satisfaction I High Quality Sustainable Value I Diversity of Designs

Our Goal :

      • Providing the largest variety of plastic products of all kinds.
      • Ensuring a high level of quality in plastic products.
      • Providing products at competitive prices.
      • Achieving the level of customer satisfaction of plastic products.
      • Competing with international markets in terms of quality and prices